Make patterns with your art: A surface pattern design mini series!

This series of blog posts will explain my process for art creation, digitizatization and making seamless repeat patterns. 

This will allow you to take your art from paper or canvas to finished digital files, ready to send to manufacturers, for products like fabric, home decor, accessories and more! 

If you're an artist looking to amp up your portfolio for agents or to get into art licensing, knowing how to create seamless repeats is a valuable skill. If you're not quite ready to pitch your portfolio, you can also take your finished patterns and upload them directly to a number of print-on-demand (POD) websites to quickly sell your art across a range of products. 

I will also discuss how to easily create different types of repeating patterns, reduce the number of colors, and create new colorways to have it ready for production. 

I'm excited to partner with Aquario Designs to showcase their new Textile Designer plugin for Adobe Photoshop. I use this plugin to create all of my seamless repeats, as well as to change pattern layouts and recolor patterns. It has simplified my pattern making process considerably, and I think you will really enjoy using it as a tool in your surface pattern arsenal. 

Stay tuned as I will be releasing a new blog each week in this four part series to dive deeper into each of the following topics!

Week 1: We will go over some of the preliminary steps that will be required prior to starting on your patterns. We will review: Art creation, digitization, and prepping your elements in Photoshop.

Week 2: Will introduce you to Aquario Design's Textile Designer plugin for Adobe Photoshop. We will discuss the different types of repeat layouts offered and how to quickly create them using your own elements from week 1. 

Week 3: We will be doing a deeper dive into Textile Designer's features including reducing colors, and creating additional colorways. 

Week 4: I will walk you through several websites where you can upload your newly created pattern to create your own products. I'll also show you some easy websites and methods to create mockups so you can better visualize your patterns on different types of products. Mockups are a great addition to your surface pattern design portfolio, and we will explore using these patterns to showcase your art and brand to potential agents, licensees, and buyers! 

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