Knowledge about creating and appreciating art is something nobody should live without.  

I believe that you are never too old to learn new skills and invest in your own education! I'd love for you to let me teach you!

Art Lessons:

 I offer private lessons to students with a wide range of ages and abilities!

Lessons are 1.5 hours per session for children (ages 8-13) or 2.5 hours per session for adults.

I am able to teach either at my home studio (Located in Conroe, Texas 77385), or at your home (Conroe, Spring, The Woodlands only) whichever you find more comfortable or convenient. Please note that I do have (friendly) pets present in my home.

Children's Lessons:

Topics Covered:

    • Basics of drawing and painting
    • Learning about the principles and elements of art
    • Beginner's art history
    • Advanced skills instruction available depending on student's existing skill level.
    • Multiple types of art mediums can be explored during different lessons, however instruction can be focused on just one medium if desired by the student.

Cost is $240/ 6 weeks (One 1.5 hour lesson per week)  

Most supplies for children's classes will be provided. Child will be provided sketchbook, which will need to be brought to each lesson! 

PLEASE NOTE!: Your child must be able to stay engaged and focused without parent intervention for duration of work class time. Ages 10+ recommended.

Parents are welcome to either drop student off, if doing lessons at my studio, or stay during the lesson times, but please limit any distractions from parents, siblings, and phone/device usage to a minimum during class times. 

Adult Lessons:

Classes for adults are going to be tailored to the adult learner's specific needs/wants in terms of their development and skill level. I do teach students who are truly beginners, all the way to students are quite advanced. I am happy to adjust my lessons to your skill level and pace. 

Cost of adult classes (ages 14+) is $360/ 6 weeks - One 2.5 hour lesson per week.

Students may be required to purchase additional supplies depending on their personal lesson plan. Basic supplies (Sketchbook, pencils, erasers etc.. ) will be provided. 
A few of the subjects my students focus on:
    • Drawing: pencils, charcoals, oil pastel, or chalk pastels.
    • Painting: watercolor, acrylic, or oil.
    • Collage / Mixed Media

Classes for both children and adults are paid for in 6 week increments with one lesson per week.

Days and times are flexible and can be scheduled around your busy week. Once scheduled,  I normally do not accept cancellations within 24 hours of your class time. We are all human and if you must miss your scheduled class time due to unforeseen circumstances, I will attempt to accommodate requests to reschedule times. Please make sure to email me or text directly for scheduling! 


Business Coaching &

Surface Pattern Design Consulting

If you shop at any store and see products like plates, towels, clothing, or home goods that have art or patterns on them, those patterns were created by an artist! The artist will either sell, or license their art directly to these companies to be used on their products, and this industry of art is called "surface pattern design". There will always be a need for new and unique art for patterns on clothing, home goods, and packaging, so I think this is a GREAT career option for many artists to explore! There are a TON of options to sell your work through, so I think many beginners feel a bit intimidated about where to start. Let me help!

I create and license my art for companies both large and small to use on their products. I LOVE creating prints for business that end up being their best sellers! Surface pattern design is the main focus for my business, The Artwerks Design Studio. I have successfully built my brand so that you can now find my art on products like fabric, wallpapers, gift wrap, clothing, baby products, home goods and much more! A large number of designers who are trying to get started have reached out to me wanting to learn how to create, digitize, and sell their art as patterns like I do. So, if that's what you're looking to learn, I can help you with that!

 Most of my surface design students want to learn the basics of creating their art, how to digitize it, and the basics of working in programs like Photoshop, Procreate, or Illustrator to get it into a seamless repeat. I can help you through the process of getting your art ready to publish online, and have your collections ready to show either in a professional portfolio or by utilizing different POD services to start selling right away. I believe it's also imperative for students to learn the basics of art licensing, how to protect their art with copyrights, and what to do in case of art infringement. I have unfortunately been through several issues with infringement of my own works, and can certainly give you advice on how to protect your own work!  I have over a decade of experience working in surface pattern design and would love to help demystify some of these topics for you! I can help you save time, focus your energy, and get your art ready for buyers so you can start earning income sooner. 

A few of the subjects I currently teach to my Surface Pattern Design Students: 

  • Using Adobe Photoshop 2022 CC and Procreate on Apple iPad to transform your original art into seamless repeatable patterns
  • How to navigate different POD platforms and use them to sell your art
  • Photography for Businesses
  • Social Media Consulting: How to use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.. to help sell your art and designs 
  • Art Licensing Mockups, Pricing Advice, and more...!


Cost of Business & Surface Pattern Design Consulting is $600 for six 1 Hour Sessions, held bi-weekly via Zoom



If you're ready to join or still have a few questions regarding classes, please use the form below to let me know which classes you are interested in!

Thank you!