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How to copyright your art with the US Copyright Office!

Hi friends, long time no blog!!! Today I wanted to talk to you guys a bit about copyrighting your artwork! *This blog will mainly discuss the process on copyrighting your work in the United States. Other countries do have different laws and different processes. The process can be a bit confusing depending on the type of artwork you are submitting, what kind of business structure you have, and many other factors. I am not a lawyer, nor should you consider this blog post or any information contained within as legal advice. I would always recommend to consult a lawyer who specializes in copyright if you are unsure of how to proceed with your own application before submitting it! I have...

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Colorful Gifts for the Holidays!

We would love to help you with creating a custom, one of a kind gift for your loved one this holiday season! If you are interested in a commissioned piece of artwork, or would like to customize any of our fabrics or home decor items to be a bit  more personal, just ask! We are happy to change around background colors, add text, and adjust the scale to our print products, if possible! Jewelry items are custom made to order, so feel free to change up bead colors, we can switch out gold for silver on the clasps, or size them up or down depending on your needs!  Also we are happy to gift wrap any items, free of charge,...

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